OOTD + French Film Festival, AND News about the New collection !!


Goodmorning Beauties !!

How is everyone this morning ?

I know the weather is a bit gloomy but I’m hella Chirpy this morning.

I’ve had a crazy week yet again but I think this tops it with the crazy long hours and never-ending creative-brain use – It’s all been so exhausting – Except for now, I’ve had a great sleep, Watching Chris Lilley’s first episode of Jonah and I’m on fire, read to roll !

Ain’t nobody got time to muck around we have some serious patternmaking to get through this morning.

Did I just say patternmaking ? Oh yes I did !

As you may know, I’ve been dropping little hints here and there, on instagram and on my blog (if you’re not following me – you’re missing out – Get on it @Ratavosi)

Last week, I finalised the pieces that were going to make the Capsule Collection. I must say I’m happy with what made the cut !

There will only be small quantities produced as it is an exclusive range, so we’d like you all to feel special because only a certain number of people will have what you have in that wardrobe AND another great thing about it is that you will be supporting my first range from Ratavosi the label that I’ll be selling. If you have any business inquiries or want to get on the shortlist to guarantee yourself an exclusive, one-of-a-kind piece then don’t forget to email us ! You’ll be upset once it’s gone – Having said that I will have some giveaways on my instagram when it gets closer to the release date of the collection, so again don’t forget to follow me on instagram and keep those eyes peeled for your chance to win something special.


French Film Festival

If you know me well enough, you’ll know my obsession with the French, France, Paris, Chanel, and did I mention French ?

A few months ago, my Colleague Shayne and I booked our very first tickets to the French film festival, where we watched “Mademoiselle C” A documentary focused on one of my other favourite muses starting with C, Carine Roitfeld. It was amazing to see the passion, creativity, and endless hard work that was dedicated to launching her own magazine on her move to New york. It was very inspiring and so wonderful to see a non-bitchy fashion documentary filled with true passion and motivation. Carine was the former Vogue Paris editor-in-Chief, after working with Vogue for 10 years she decided to step down and pursue her own goal, her own project “C.R Fashion Book”. I admired that a lot about her, someone with her power and position, it only proved that we are all capable to chase our dreams, our goals, and to do what we are passionate about.

I was lucky enough to find an industry, a career that I am passionate about. For some people this is hard, they go from one industry to another, one career to another, trying to find what it is that truly gives them drive and passion, that one thing they never get sick of that they can live and breath.

It is a hard thing to do when you don’t know what you like or will like, or even if you’ve gotten too comfortable doing something for so long you can’t be bother too or are too scared to change.

Being such a passionate determined person my self, I urge you to go and do what you love. Even if your situation doesn’t allow you too, try to do it on the side, try to make a hobby out if it, that way you get the best of both worlds. Well, enough of the Deep and meaningful stuff – I don’t want everyone to get soft on a Saturday morning – I’ll skip you all straight through to the OOTD – what I wore.

I’ll introduce you to my BestFurryFriend Samson, if I haven’t already. Had fun shooting this with him – he wouldn’t sit still, and it all got worse when he sore my blingy necklace. Oh boy !


I purchased this jumpsuit from Forever 21 – They have a great range of on-trend clothing – As fast as fast fashion can get ! Seriously !

Great price and it also came with a pop of colour – a Lime green belt.

Button front – I love collars ! – and wide leg.



My D&G Sunglasses of course – it just wouldn’t be complete without them and my tiffany around my neck.


I see you … Have you subscribed to us or followed us on instagram yet ? Don’t miss out !



And that was the first glance at my necklace… Trouble started from there.



Styled with Colette Accessories – I love this necklace it goes with casual looks and collars – and the best part is you can dress up a boyish look with it an some how make the girly list of fashion.


so Everyone, Meet Samson – He is a Staffy cross, excited all the time, has crazy eyes, fun loving dog and is a little camera shy. I can just imagine him saying “ No, No this is NOT my good angle – please I just want to chew your camera”


I just love you so much !





Patty Cake, Handshake !











Have a Great weekend Everyone !


oh .. before I forget

On Another Note …

It’s the Grand Final tomorrow night and our Team Western Sydney Wanderers have made it !

Good luck to the boys, we’ll be watching you xo


xoxo Much love, Yours Truly


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