Happy Mothers Day !

To all the mothers around the world The Life of Rhy would like to wish you all a very wonderful very special Mother’s Day !

In this busy world we sometimes forget to say what is in our hearts, but today is the perfect day for telling our mothers how important and special they are. Today is the day we let them know how much we appreciate all their efforts and how much we love them !!!


This is my mummy and I love her to bits ! She an amazing mother, wife, sister, auntie, and daughter !

I hope everyone has had a fabulous weekend. I know I certainly did, as I watched two of my friends walk down the aisle !!
I wore a little black number to the wedding.

We had a little help from one of my favourite product from benefit cosmetics, benefix they’re real ! An amazing product, if you want long beautiful thick lashed this is definitely a just for you to try !

Side sweepy hair for the church !





Xoxoxo much love, yours truly


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