Windsor Riverside Markets

Happy Friday~!

Who loves visiting local markets ?

Today’s post reveals one of my recent market finds –“ The Windsor Riverside Markets”



Last Month I made my way down to Governor Phillip Park in Windsor to check out the new Windsor Riverside Markets.

I love visiting local markets, they are super convenient and you can pick up a few odd bits and pieces here and there.

Plenty of rustic shabby chic decor for the home, handmade jewellery, great bargain clothing including designer and commercial labels, bags and accessories, and even home made jams and other unique foods.

I had a great time at the markets and I highly recommend everyone to head down this Saturday October 18th. The markets are open from 9am until 2 pm and are completely child friendly too.

After visiting every Store at the markets that day, I made a quick list of my favourites.

Check out my Top 3 stalls below and let me know what you think.

As most of them are fairly new to the markets, I have tried to track down their links/website and contacts as best I can.

* Chevy Sisters *


Rocking Away a Few stalls down,was the very beautiful very vintage Chevy Sisters Boutique.

It felt like A Mel’s diner version of a Fashion boutique, gorgeous Rosettes and old school trunks filled with head scarves and bows with a few Racks of 50’s Rockabilly and Rock ‘n’ Roll Clothing for women, men and children

I loved the layout of this store, and the effort they had put into the decor to really bring back the vibe from that time, The only thing missing from this store was a Juke box !


These lovely Ladies have got a face book page for anyone who loves this style of clothing or is interesting in purchasing a new 50’s style frock !

Click here to have a look and If you’d like to contact them their phone numbers are below in the photograph. I’ve also linked all photographs to their website for easy access.


photo above taken from Chevy Sisters Face book page.


* Candle Bar Creations *

Can I tell you ? I am a sucker for two things, especially when they are put together.

That’s Shabby Chic and Candles.


Handmade By Jessica Mayvl, these hand poured 100% Soy Wax Candles have the most beautiful packaging and smell absolutely Divine !

Their unique jar and twine, Shabby style Packaging makes them perfect for home decor or even as a gift.

She also offers made to order goods, so don’t hesitate to check her out on face book.

Click here to find out more


* Myy Little Happy Place *


photo taken from facebook page of Myy Little Happy Place.

Another Store that I fell in love with was Myy Little Happy Place.

This store reminded me of a more intimate and personalised version of typo minus the stationery.

They had some really creative pieces all made from simple every day items. These are the kinds of things I’d use to make my house a home if I wanted a D.I.Y style touch, especially if you are into decorative items and home wares.


Simple Mugs with Cute sayings.



I fell in love with these Tiffany Blue painted jars, they seriously had me as soon as I saw them !

– – – – –

The two images below are from two different stalls, however I couldn’t grab a business card.

I’m certain though that they will be there this time round too.



Well that’s a wrap !

I hope that if you do end up going this weekend you enjoy it as much as I did.

xoxo Much Love,

Yours Truly


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