Navigate | The Life Of Rhy is back on !

Hello Hello !

The Life Of Rhy is Officially back on with – “Navigate”

Who’s Thrilled !?

…Seriously… Be Thrilled 🙂

I’ve Felt so empty without my blog the last few months.

For awhile it was okay with customising and previewing the different theme layouts to finally find something to suit the blog,

but after all the artwork and layout was done and the website was open to the public it just wasn’t the same without the weekly posts.

Now that all the maintenance has been done and we are all set I can finally start posting again. I know I’ve posted a few before this but this post will help you out alot.


As you’ll notice there has obviously been a total facelift to the website, so in case you’re freaking this first blog post is to help you Navigate.

1 – The Home page.


You’ll notice that when you enter my website, you are no longer brought to the blogroll.

My home page just consists of a collage like lay out of my favourite photographs from my previous blogs.

You can click on and enlarge or just click through the home page gallery.

If you keep scrolling down you’ll see more images until you finally hit the footer.


At the footer, you’ll notice my little greeting message, my instagram links with the two most recent images I’ve posted ( This always updates itself) , my blog lovin link and also a Link to follow me Everywhere.

If you click any of those little Follow Icons you will be redirected to those websites where you can Follow me on any social media that I am on.

So please, Don’t hesitate.

2 – About Page

If we scroll back up, you’ll notice the next tab, The About page.

This contains a blurb About me.


3 – Side Bar

You’ll also notice the side bar on every other page but the Home Page.

Here you can find a link to follow my blog, and to follow me again on all my social media links.

I have added an EXCITING new feature, A countdown calendar. With this feature, you can be up-to-date with my most recent projects and collections. Yayy !


If you continue to scroll down you will also find images that are linked to different online stores that you can purchase clothing’s, shoes, accessories and makeup from. these are my main go-to websites when I’m online ordering.

You’;; then also see the instagram images link – You can follow me on instagram @ ratavosi, as well as viewing my recent posts, view my differnt categories, search something on my website, rss, see my yearly calendar, meta, and archives.

4 – Blog

My Blog Roll !

You’ll notice my sticky posts, These are the three posts in the slide, if you click on the black transparent title you will be redirected to that post, or if you continue to scroll down you can click through any post by clicking on another of the post titles.


You will also notice this little icon.

This also redirects you to the post and allows you to comment.


Note that you can like or comment on ANY POST OR PAGE/TAB that you like.

You can Also Share any of my pages and posts with other people on a number of different social media websites.

The option is available at the end where it  shows the below.

So please don’t hesitate to share or tell me what you think 🙂


5 – Collections

If you scroll back up to the tabs up the top you will notice my Collections Page.

This is where you will find collages, updates and information on my collections.


If you click on the titles of each collection you will be redirected to all blog posts relating to that collection, you can also scroll through different gallery images from that particular collection.

I also have videos for some of my collections, and you can view them all too if you click into each collections title and scroll through the posts.


6 – Contact

Lastly you’ll find my Contact page.


Here you can get in contact with me simply by filling out the form attached below the image.

Just your name, subject type, email address ( so that I can contact you back), website ( if you have one) and your comment ( what you’d like to say/ask).

You’ll notice I have some new subjects in the subject type.

You can now choose from General Inquiry, Business Inquiry, Collaborations, sponsors and Donations, About the Collection and Other.


You’ll notice I have some new subjects in the subject type.

You can now choose from:

General Inquiry: Maybe to say Hello, or ask A question

Business Inquiry: If you have a business related inquiry about Ratavosi the label or The Life of Rhy.

We also help promote Fashion, style, or home related businesses – So please contact us if you have any inquiries at all.

Collaborations: If you’d like to collaborate on a blog post or guest post, we are also open to collaborating on collections.

Sponsors and Donations: If you’d like to donate or sponsor my Clothing Label ‘Ratavosi the Label’ as their are always new and exciting adventures and projects I am taking on. A Little help along the way is always appreciated.

About the Collection: If you’d like to know any news about up and coming collections or previous collections

and Other: if none of the above really suits for your inquiry ! 🙂

Either way, We’d love to hear from you, but please, we kindly ask for no spam and only serious inquiries.

Hope that helps you all Navigate and makes a bit more sense.

Expect to see posts here every Weekend or once every two weeks.

Happy Weekend and Don’t forget to Subscribe, Follow and/or Share the Life of Rhy.

xoxo Much Love,

Yours Truly

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