The Big Announcement Has Finally Arrived | We are going Global !

Hello Beautiful People !

I have been teasing you all for the past couple of months with this “Big Announcement” Talk !

It’s Finally Here. The Reveal. What the big fuss is all about !

Drum Roll Please

** badadadadadadadadadadadbbbuuummmm**


I’m very, VERY, Excited to announce that I will be Showcasing my Nostalgic Nuances Collection at LA’s Fashion Week.

yayyyyyyyyyy !

This is very Exciting News for me, and I’m sure you can all imagine how Breathtaking that moment was, when I found out I was accepted.

Thank you to The Team at Facet for giving me the Opportunity to go one step Further and to finally have a taste of my Dreams.

Like I have been saying to you all, This year, 2015, is going to be a MASSIVE year for me.

I have a Crazy Deadline, and A lot of work to do to prepare myself for LA, but guess what – The best part is, that I’ll have you all with me, on my blog, Facebook and instagram and I cannot wait to Share the moment with you all.

Subscribe, Follow, and Like to Stay tuned with all The Behind the Scenes action that will be happening at Ratavosi ! It’s going to be amazing, as we revamp and add to our Nostalgic Collection and Make it Runway Ready for the Second Time.

The only difference is, This time, We go Global.

To everyone who has ever doubted me – BOOM I surprised you didn’t i ?

– – – –

Ratavosi is taking Over LA yo !

– – – –

Where’s My L.A People at ?

See you all in May !

xxxx Much Love,

Yours Truly


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