Getting Ready for Fashion Week | The First Stage

It was just two weeks ago where I announced my Big News !

That I’ve been given the opportunity to Showcase my High-End Nostalgic Nuances Collection at LA’s Facet Fashion Week !

I am so thrilled with the opportunity that I have been given, but in saying that, there is of course a lot of hard work that follows and big efforts that need to be made to meet deadlines.

Here is what the Last two weeks have looked like at Ratavosi HQ ! If any of you are going through or will be going through something Similar, I’ve written in a way that I think will help you too.

1 – First things First: Revisit and Review.

When you already have a Collection that you deem fit for Fashion week, you must always revisit and Review The Collection. This is exactly What my First Step involved ! I Reviewed Each Piece from the Nostalgic Nuances Collection and gave it a rating from 1 to 5. 1 being a complete remake and 5 being Runway Ready (No changes needed). It is important to consider the Quality of your Fabrication and Method of manufacturing. If you are going to be showcasing High End Ready to Wear Pieces, you must ensure the Fabrication you choose to construct these garments are of high quality, and the method is suitable and with a clean, luxurious finish.

As I rated the pieces, I then began to Write down Exactly what needed to Change with each piece.

2 – Review Phase 2

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 7.22.18 pm

After I made all the notes for each Garment, I then went off to find my pattern pieces.

Review Phase 2 looks at Perfecting the Pattern pieces. Sometimes During College you’ll find there will be crazy deadlines and you won’t be able to make all the relevant and accurate changes on the pattern piece, so you just end up sewing it together in hope that you’ll make the deadline, but when you come to remake the garment, the pattern piece won’t be accurate. Especially since we are revisiting an older Collection it is important to Check the Measurements and Specs. Make sure you are awake and alert during this phase, because with all the money you’ll be spending in Step 4, you’ll be crying !

3 – Shopping List

When you finally decide everything that needs to be remade, You then have to take a look at all your fabrications.

Luckily,  Majority of my Key Fabrications used for college had to be purchased in bulk at the time. However, New fabrications to replace the, What I like to call “Polyester-Substitution-because-I-became-Broke-during-college” Fabrics, need to be chosen with 2 things in mind. First to have the same good, luxurious Quality and second to be colour matched to your existing Collection.

There is also to keep in mind, that if you purchased your fabric a while ago, it may not be in stock, and probably won’t be back in stock, you will need to review your options and find a substitute !

I then went and made a deadly List of Leathers and Silks that would once again break the bank – so be prepared and make sure you have a savings dedicated to this.

4 – Actually Purchasing all the materials needed to make all the changes.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 7.21.30 pm

When you have a full time job, have to travel long distances and try to follow up your Blog, Instagram, Facebook and fashion week, and try to exercise, eat healthy, find time for friends and family, it gets a little bit Hectic ! Making the time to actually go ahead with all the Changes you have proposed as well as finding time to get all the materials can actually be quite a daunting task. But ! Don’t Stress, If I can do it with my Crazy Schedule, SO CAN YOU !

To help me organise my Weeks and manage my time wisely, I had my Handy Dandy Planner. I must admit it was a little hard to try and find the time to disappear from work for my lunch break ( which I can never actually take) but when I actually put my mind to it and said, “no , I will do it, I will have the time” surprisingly, I got things done !

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 7.21.44 pm

Luckily, I work Close to the City, so a Quick Dash to Waterloo and Surry Hills over two Days went unnoticed !

This Steps also includes Cutting and prepping you pieces for the machinist and bundling any notions that they may need to sew your garments.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 7.22.01 pm

5 –  Actually going Ahead with all the Changes and Booking in a Machinist.

As mentioned above, Making time can become difficult these days, but if you learn to manage your time wisely, everything can be achieved in a timely manner. By Setting Weekly Goals, Not actually thinking about the Crazy Workload, and doing my best to stay calm, were three things that helped over the past two weeks.

Booking a machinist can become Risky, so if you have the time to sew your collection yourself and can maintain that level of quality and perfection in manufacturing a high-end Ready to wear piece, by all means, go for it. I on the other hand, do not have much time to spare, as much as I would love to be sewing the pieces myself again, I need someone in the background, whom I can trust, to be sewing whilst I’m working My Day job ! Can’t have the best of both worlds, and everything in this world Costs Money.

Be Prepared for the Final Bill.

6 – Stay on top of your Weekly goals and Targets.

Ensure you give realistic weekly Goals for your machinist to achieve, or else you will constantly be stressing and will eventually fall behind in your strictly scheduled calendar !

Plan Ahead 3 weeks, so you allow for a buffer just incase something goes wrong or takes too long along the way.

7 – Design and Pattern-make the Additional/New Pieces

After the First week/appointment with my machinist, I began to Design and pattern make the additional pieces in the Collection.

When Creating patterns from scratch, especially when you spare a very tired-hour after work, be aware that you actually won’t be AWARE ! It’s exhausting enough drawing new patterns off the Mannequin on a regular basis, so if you are going to tackle it when you’re tired, I suggest setting up very small goals.

Here are some photo’s of my Progress :

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 7.52.38 pm

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 7.22.33 pm

I think I’ve perfected the Toile Now.

That is how far we’ve come in the past two weeks sine announcing our great news !

Before I wrap this up, There is one last Step I’ve been meaning to mention !

8 – Be Prepared for the Bill.

This is where I need the Help of all my fans, followers, Like-rs on all my social Media’s !

I have Set up a fundraiser for this amazing Experience to help me cover certain Costs that are involved. There are also many Perks to be Sent out with every Contribution as a token of appreciation.

If you could please spare some time to check out my Campaign and contribute I would really appreciate it.

Here is the Link Below, and please don’t forget to Share it with your Friends !

Much Love,


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