A Pinch and a Punch – It’s March y’all !

Pinch and a Punch for the the first day of the month !!

I feel like that is all I am saying lately.

I cannot believe we are at the Start of March Already , This is so crazy !!

The more I have to get done, the Less time I have and the quicker the days go by.

I am now 7 weeks away from flying out to LA and I must say, my progress, in terms of Garment construction, is going quite well and on track.

To keep you all up to date, Last post, I mentioned the First Process of getting Started for Fashion week !

This week, I’m keeping you all up to date with my progress.

As you all know, I tried very hard last week to perfect the pattern pieces of my Bustier. Only being able to spare 1 to 2 hours a night, where I was very exhausted from work, it became a daunting task. Eventually, I managed to get it to a stage that I was quite pleased with. However, during my appointment with my machinist today, we encountered a few problems.

I guess one must always prepare for problems. Nothing comes easy, and if you don’t have a Challenge, you haven’t learnt anything. Having said that, today, I solved all problems with the pattern pieces of that Bustier. I walked out of my meeting confident, and somewhat relieved that I had handed it over to be sewn.

But ! Just when you think you’ve made it over one hurdle, there approaches another. A few hours later, I received a phone call, of course in regards to my Bustier. The Straps that I’d Designed to have for the garment, won’t work. I have tried and tried to work out a way to have this zipper feature, but it is almost impossible in little time, with little access to certain things.

I am now sitting here, exhausted, mentally drained, thinking about how to solve this problem. What do I do next ? Try and Try to make what I want on the garment to work.


Well it’s Goodnight for now, Hopefully by the Next post I would have solved this problem and been on my merry way to constructing the Next garment !

Hope Everyone had a great weekend !


Much love.


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