Week 4 | Fashion Week Progress

Week 4 of Preparing for Fashion week and Week 2 of Problem Solving Our New top !

This week has been just as exhausting as the previous weeks.

Some good news though ! After a few long, painful Hours, I finally managed to sort out the Zipper Strap Issues I was experiencing.

In my Last post, I did mention my zipper Issue. It always seems to be the way, when you think you’ve got it all under control, something you can’t control takes charge. Sometimes when we are cautious and careful, especially when creating new Patterns  and developing New Ideas, there are always bound to be some challenges until the final Product is Perfect !

I am confident that it was all sorted this Weekend… with a few minor detours.


See all these little metal pieces in the Photo, I had the fun job of pulling them all out !

– – – –

Saturday Morning I arrived for my Machinist Appointment to discuss the Zipper Straps. Determined to finish the zipper, and relieved that I had found Dads Pliers, I started yanking out the Zipper Teeth. I was so excited about finally being able to remove those Stubborn Metal teeth, that I forgot two things. The First thing I didn’t consider was how sharp the teeth would be. I ended up cutting parts of my fingers, bleeding, stinging, but I was so determined to get it done, I didn’t stop. The second thing, due to over-excitement, was that I got a Little too “Plier-Happy” and took too many zipper teeth out. Yep – Silly Move ! But It’s Okay, We worked around it and Boy am I sooooooo Relieved that we can now go ahead sewing This Bustier.

Hopefully Next weekend I will be able to post a Photo of this marvellous Leather Piece !


Next up for Alterations was My Black Embroidered Dress. The Star of the Collection.

For a Few Weeks, before reaching my final decision, I was “umm-ing” and “ahh-ing” about changing the Skirt of the dress.

I looked at it almost every night before bed. Should I change the Skirt ? How can I do that without unpicking everything and starting from pretty much scratch ? Can I even afford it, Time and money, to Re-do this garment ? All Week it was in the back of my mind. All week, I was thinking, Please have a Dream Rhaya, Have a Dream that will tell you what to do !

Friday night was approaching, and I decided I had to make my final decision before I took it to my machinist.

I had to look at the cost, the time, and if it was worth it. For some strange reason, When I put it on the Mannequin that night. The Answer was clear ! All I had to do was take in and fix the Hips. The Zipper on the other hand, was something I thought my machinist should have a say in. Whether I should touch it – unpick it, and completely remove half the dress jut to redo one tiny, minor, slightly off bias section !

Can I just say, When I showed her, after we stitched the hips, The Slightly Off-Bias Zipper didn’t stand out as much. I also figured, once it’s on the runway, no one will be looking at her Butt with all that embroidery and lacing that is going on… Only of course, if she has a big booty !

ahhhh RELIEF ! I think I will feel even more relieved once I have that Bustier on the rack.

– – –


I can’t believe how quickly time is running out ! Before I know it, I’ll be flying out. A Chance of a life time ! Something I’ll never ever Forget, for the rest of my life.

I can’t stress this enough. If you have a dream, if you have a goal. Don’t let anyone STOP YOU. It will be hard, but slowly try to work towards it. Before you know it, you’ll be rewarded, little by little, for all your hard work.

This is just the beginning of something beautiful !

It couldn’t be more Perfect than it is now and I am so thankful for everyone who has supported me ! I can’t thank you all enough ! It’s Crazy, but never did I think this would happen.

Now that it has, I am embracing it.

Every. single. moment.

I hope Everyone has had a wonderful Sunday !

Wherever you are in the World, Whatever Time zone – Take care and Bonne Nuit.

Until Next weekend, when I return with more updates !


xxxx Much Love,


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