Week 6 | Photo-shoot Preparation Phase 1

In just five weeks time, I will be packing my Bags and heading to Los Angeles for Fashion week.

I cannot explain how fast the past few months have gone by, but am still quite glad that I am comfortably on track.

Last week I finalised the remaining pieces for the Collection, everything is steamed, pressed and hung beautifully on wooden hangers ready to be worn and brought to life on the runway !

But before I head to Fashion Week, there are still a few things I have to prepare to market my Label. This week it was all about  finding an appropriate venue for the photo-shoot. As I have previously photographed this collection, I thought it would be good to revisit the original location of the shoot, as well as finding a new venue to mix it up with something a little more scenic and historical.

A Photo-shoot is a designers way of telling a story, and communicating to the audience their view of what the collection is actually about. As I have added a few new pieces as well as revised some existing ones, I thought that I’d really like to focus on each piece, each Look on it’s own. This way, the audience themselves can creatively imagine what they think it’s all about. It’s limited only to their imagination. This collection might have been a little morbid to begin with, considering my first photo-shoot was at an old graveyard but I believe by mixing it up and adding that historical touch it will really lift this high-end Collection and give it another vibe. A more sophisticated, Classy Vibe.

Here are some Shots of todays Venues, now all that is left is gaining the permit and organising each look around the venue :

11007587_10152667883217791_1298332010_n 11081741_10152667884727791_1459145032_n 11084445_10152667883077791_144099489_n 11072227_10152667883057791_971958646_n 11081733_10152667883082791_751247758_n 11065871_534717970003362_5943769809436565004_n 10606380_534717953336697_8306352348561985124_n 11007569_10152667882987791_1851937923_n 11076225_10152667883027791_1317249639_n 10981348_534718006670025_3133973792198462712_n 11081710_10152667883062791_1567494631_n 11077280_10152667883222791_420171490_n 11072104_10152667883187791_309493386_n 11056961_10152667883157791_1456985330_n

What do you guys think ?

xxxx Much love,

Yours Truly.

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