Week 5 | Fashion Week Fundraiser and Progress.

Hello Sunday and Hello Beautiful Followers !

It’s Week 5 of Preparing for Fashion week on The Life of Rhy.

There has been so much happening,I am so excited to see it all finally coming together. The List of things yet to be completed is quite a long one, but I am on Track and ready for my routine Sunday Night Blog Post to keep you all up to date with my progress !

For the Last two Weeks, my attention seeking Leather Bustier had stolen The Life of Rhy Post content ! It’s Safe to say that I FINALLY got it together, solved the problems, with the help of my miracle machinist and now have a perfect, High-End, Runway Ready Sample ! **Cheers to me** Glad that’s over…Seriously ! I will add a few photo’s in next weeks post so you can all see the final product !

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 9.18.53 pm

This week I was more focused on my Fundraising campaign.

As much as it is a thoughtful gesture to be able to give without receiving something in return, I thought it would be good if I worked on Some New Perks that can be claimed when Contributing to my Fundraiser.

I am not sure if everyone has seen it but I have actually set up a Fundraiser for my First Fashion week experience. When you are working with quality, high-end materials, and have to produce perfect runway ready pieces for your international Showcase, it becomes quite an expense. That is why I have asked for help from all my Followers, Subscribers and Likers.

I understand it may sound like a bit of a risk, but I can assure you my passion is not a scam, nor is it a crock of crap. I am just a regular, mid twenties, passionate Girl, living in Australia, who got offered an amazing experience, and I simply need some help to be able to fund this opportunity.

For those of you who would like to know more before deciding to contribute, I would love for you to read my Full Story :  https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/fwlz9 

On the above link, You will also find a List of Perks that can be claimed when contributing a certain amount.

ratavosi the label collection

As the most Popular $30 Perk had all been claimed, I decided to add a similar $40 Perk. By contributing just $40 and claiming a Perk, you will receive 30% off all Items in the Online Shop of our website http://www.ratavosi.com as well as a Free gift packed with Love, Just for you ! There is a limit of Perks available for Each Perk, if you have had your eye on something in our Ratavosi Shop then this Perk will give you a generous Discount as a thank you for your contribution.


I love to write, and I love Stationery ! So it was obvious that I had to include a Stationery Gift Bag as one of our Perks. Our Station Gift Bag Perk is a contribution of $85 and includes an A5 Journal covered in one of my favourite Mexican Poncho Fabrics, a few other Stationery items and a Stack of 6 Photoshoot Cards from our “Bienvenido De Nuevo Campaign” Signed with Love.


Another New Perk we have edited is our $150 contribution, Shourouk Delight ! Our Shourouk Necklace has become one of the most popular Pieces from the Accessories range, so I thought, as a thank you, why not throw one in and Turn it into a Perk.With this contribution you all also receive a few other Goodies as well as a Stack of 6 Photoshoot Cards from our “Bienvenido De Nuevo Campaign” Signed with Love.


Our Day of the Dead Key Chains are also Coming along well, they aren’t quite finished yet, as I am just adding a few final touches !


It’s Pom Pom’s Galore in the Studio, we cannot wait to Ship these babies !

These Keychains are part of our $50 Contribution, a 2piece Gift Box including a Stack of 6 Photo shoot Cards, and of course as always we throw in some Extra goodies.

Of course if you don’t thin many of the Perks are suitable for you, you can contribute any amount without Claiming a Perk.

Either way, we are grateful for any contribution, both big and small !

And for those of you who don’t contribute, I am still thankful you have at least taken the time to read this post, or my Full Story on the campaign page. It all means a lot to me.

Next week, I’ll have some photo’s from my Finished Runway Pieces, as well as another Progress update. This week I am fixing my Bodysuit. Eeek ! Cannot wait.

xxxx I hope everyone had a relaxing Sunday.

Much love,

Yours Truly


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