Week 9 | We’re getting Closer … AND we have another GIVEAWAY – READ OUR POST FOR MORE INFO !

Hello my lovely followers, subscribers, like-ers !

Wherever you are in the world, whatever time zone, hello and I hope this finds you well.

Apologies for the last couple of weeks, there hasn’t been a blog post going up on the weekends. So I guess I now owe you all three. Not too worry, because we have it all prepared and ready to go. Over the Next three days, the next three posts will reach your inbox, news feed, and whatever other social media you are following me on.

Let’s continue where we left off.

I can’t believe just how quickly time is flying by. It baffles me every time I think about it. Just four months ago I began re-sewing and re-sampling my pieces for Facet Fashion week, and now I have come as far as photo shooting it and being almost a week and a bit away from actually flying out! That’s CRAZY!!!!

It really doesn’t feel like 4 months have gone by, I guess it’s because I’ve been so busy I haven’t really noticed. As we got our photo-shoot out of the way, with the stress of all the weather issues we experienced – This week’s focus has been on our professional business stationery paraphernalia.

I feel it’s important to keep the style consistent when it comes time for these sorts of things. Your business cards, stationery and anything else that sits under this category, for your clients, should all tie back niceley. You don’t want your clothes to look HIGH- FASHION QUALITY and your cards to read CHEAP SAMPLE MARK DOWN.

I researched awhile until I found a decent company whose turn around time and cost for bulk was affordable, as well as their range of paper stock and quality. With the help of Vistaprint online I actually managed to find a style and pick a classy Paper Stock that went beautifully with my range. I am so in love with my business cards, I can’t stop looking at them. And then I went a bit too far and bought a few other things…………… because I like stationery…. Personalised…Stationery … A LOT…. it’s hard to explain my love for stationery. But I will stand my ground and say I needed it for the sake of my new Label! haha

Do you like my new business cards? What do you guys think?

business cards

Oh…and Speaking of Stationery. The part you have all been waiting for – I have two Stationery gift packs to give away. Comment below AND like our Facebook page for your chance to win. http://www.facebook.com/ratavosi


The Gift packs include one of our day of the Dead handmade key chains, an A5 journal hand covered in one of our favorite Mexican linen fabrics, a cactus pen – because cactus pens are cool and a few other goodies including some accessories ! Take a look on our Facebook page.

xxxx Happy Sunday

xxx Happy Sunday Everyone !

One thought on “Week 9 | We’re getting Closer … AND we have another GIVEAWAY – READ OUR POST FOR MORE INFO !

  1. Love stationary and I love that you have decided to include it with your clothing!! I actually have a dozen notebooks that I have not used because they are just too beautiful 🙂 Also, I love the idea of a cactus pen!!

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