Week 10 | It’s getting REALLY REAL now !

You know it’s REAL when you get sent an official model catalogue, oooo I have butterflies in my stomach from excitement. I can’t wait to go through the catalogue and see which lovely ladies I’ll pick to showcase my range. Fingers crossed we get them all!

I’m not sure if everyone is familiar with the process of casting calls and models for fashion week but below is more information about organizing your own casting Call for a fashion show and what to expect/what to do.


Casting Calls

If you haven’t ever worked backstage or worked with a designer to prepare them for fashion week then you just won’t know how long it can take for a Casting Call.

A few, long years ago, I helped a local Designer, Dhini, with her Australian Fashion week Showcase. This was the best experience I ever got, and it’s definitely something I’ll remember for the rest of my life. I never thought ‘d be in the same shoes this quickly !

Organizing a Casting call, begins with calling modeling agencies/models and letting them know you are going to have a fashion show on a particular day, where and when you will be showing, what type of show, how many models, size and height and a few other details which they must verify with you. You then let them know a day that you would like to organize this “casting” on and they organize models of all sorts for you to choose from.

You can also look them up online and browse through their model catalogue to request a specific model.

So, how do you choose? What happens next?

To prepare for your casting, you should have your clothes for your runway ready on the rack as well as having your chosen shoes available for the models in all sizes.

Models from all the agencies will start arriving on the organized day. As they arrive you should have a look at their bodies – height, complexion, figure and get them to try on what you think will look best on them from your range. You then give them a pair of shoes that goes with that look. This lets you further prepare if you do not have their size. It also let’s you see how your clothes fit on certain models. As the model tries on each look with the correct shoes you should take photos for your running order, which comes in the next few steps. You must also take their model cards or take down their details like name, modeling agency, height, and shoe size for your own reference (it will be easier later on). You can either get them to walk before or after they try your clothes on, it’s important a model has a good confident walk.

As the models are coming and going, you should be taking notes on which model wears which outfit the best. You also have your photos to help you with that.

After all the models have come and gone you then prepare for your running order.

Print out all the shots of the models from the day and put each look in the order that you will like them to come out of the runway. As you start placing these shots down, you will notice that for each look there will be at least 3-4 shots of different models you would have tried the looks on. (There may also be more depending on how many models you had show up on the day)

You can then start your elimination process. Be very aware though, that you have to allow enough time between looks for models to change, if you plan on having a model run more than 2 or 3 times. It is natural to have a few models walk twice. For example if you had 12 looks it would be okay for you to have 6 models, where each models walks twice. However, if they are all going to walk out in the end, keep that in mind as well. This will depend on your preference as well as budget.

After finalizing your models, you then ensure you have the right shoes and sizes available for each model/look.

Now here is the tricky part. If you have 12 looks – Write a list with the numbers going down the page, this will symbolize each look – looks 1 -12. Then go through and write the name of the models next to each look. So whoever will be walking out with look 1 on the running order write there name, then on the next line – number 2, and the model who will be wearing look 2 and you do this until look 12.


After the Fitting – Preparing for the show.

For each look, what I like to do is, create a Style sheet. A Style sheet has all the information for that particular look on one page.

To create your own style sheet there are 5 things you need to include. Look number, Description of look, Accessories, Shoes, Extra Notes. You should also include at the bottom of the Style Sheet your contact details in case something goes missing. At the top right corner put the running order number of this look in a big fat red circle.

Let’s break it down – Step-by-Step Style Sheet

Write the number of the look on the first line, followed by a brief description. For Example: Look 1: Woven Bodysuit with spliced Silk Crop Jacket.

Below this, Attach a front and back photo of the model wearing the look, styled up.

On the next line following this add the heading Accessories: If you have any earrings, necklaces, jewelry, props that need to go with this look, here is where you list and describe them.

Following this is shoes. Include the Style, colour and size for the model. You can also attach a photo if you like.

The last heading is Extra Notes. This is where you include information about a particular way you like something done up or worn/styled. For example: waist tie must be tied in a bow at the center back of the jacket or Shirt to be fully unbuttoned etc.


With setting up your racks

Each model should have their own rack, with a clear image or model card attached/models name and details. Place each models garment from the first look they will be coming out with to the last look. Each look should have the number from their running order attached along with the above Styling Sheet. This is so the dressers back stage can have a look and ensure everything that is supposed to be on that garment is worn perfectly!

Voila You’re all set to go, it will be over so quickly you won’t even noticed it ever started! It’s crazy backstage but the atmosphere is amazing, I love that feeling and I cannot wait for Fashion week… There’s only a TWO more days left !


xxxx Happy MONDAY !!!!

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