Tomorrow will be the day I board that plane and head to La for my Dream. Two exhilarating weeks, an experience of a lifetime. I’ll never forget this.

I can’t quite explain how I feel, it’s a mixture of excitement, happiness, doubt, and anxiety.

I’m so SO grateful to have been given this opportunity, grateful that I have been found, and accepted for something I honestly never thought would happen so quickly. I guess that we should always expect the unexpected with certain things as they slowly creep up on us… In a good way of course !

I’d really like to take the time to thank Each and every one of you who have been apart of my journey so far. Thank you for being supportive, for caring, for listening, for reading. Thank you for those who have really helped me get to this stage, especially my Angel of a machinist Connie. Your efforts, and skill is something I only long to learn, you’re amazing !

To every one of my Selfless, and very generous Friends who have contributed to my Fashion Week Fundraiser ! You guys don’t realise how much you have helped me. I really do wish you all well because you all deserve the best for helping someone, like me, get one step closer to their dream. It’s certainly not a dollar here and a dollar there with Fashion, it is very costly and time consuming, so Thank you thank you for the contributions, they have really helped me !

And for my friends and family who have also spent hours helping me get everything done. Thank you for everyone of you who has been patient with me for the last couple of months. Thank you for understanding me, and always being there when I have needed you all. I couldn’t of asked for a better bunch !

Thank you to Everyone, no little thing has gone unnoticed. I appreciate it all so much !

and a final note to my grandmother… I hope you’ve been watching over me because the real fireworks take place next week. I love you forever and always and I hope that you are proud of me.


xxxx Peace Y’all… LA I’m coming for you !

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