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Happy Weekend World !

Who’s excited its the weekend ?! I thought the weeks going by fast was just a phase, but seriously it doesn’t matter how much you do or don’t have on – it still flies !


This weeks post is about one of LA’s number one Fabric Shopping destinations, I’m not referring to Downtown – that’s in another post to come. I’m sure if you are a Project Runway Fan – you would definitely have heard of Mood Fabrics.

A Big Warehouse Style space with isles and isles of Fabrics and notions from floor to nearly-the-ceiling !


I entered into the fabric store quietly with my Auntie and her friend. We were greeted by so many friendly Staff members who asked us if we needed any help, at any time a new staff member passed us. Usually, when I am fabric hunting or researching I don’t really say much nor do I ask many questions, to be honest I don’t like to be bothered unless I am actually looking for something. When I am researching and looking for inspiration I am quiet and happy just in my own element, my own thoughts, looking at things, observing, touching different fabrics and that’s how I imagine and create things in my mind. It was really nice that the staff didn’t over do their polite greeting, it really allowed me to collect some great ideas in my mind.

There was such a great range of fabrics at Mood that I almost didn’t know where to start. I was trying very hard not to be that typical “tourist in a candy shop” so I just started from the front of the store where I spotted these gorgeous Anna Sui Silks. a generous range, amazing designs/prints, textures and weights – a designers dream !


I then slowly made my way past the counter and found myself standing smack-bang, in the middle, where both on the left and the right were long isles of fabric heaven. Did I want to start from the left and work my way down the left isles then come to the right and work byway up fro there, or did I want to start on the right and proceed to the left isles OR I even had the option of walking down the middle and discovering these embellished lace fabrics – OMGGGG THIS IS SO FABRIC HEAVEN – I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE !…And so with that going through my mind, I started on the right ha !


I was immediately drawn to the selection of bridal, embellished lace and sheer fabrics. I mean WOW, how much access is there to these incredible fabrics here ! There were designs and textured I’d never seen in all my life of looking at runways and fabric stores.


As I made my way through the isles, I also found a good variety of quality denims. I envy the designers of LA.

I walked from the passage onside of the left isles and discovered a whole LONG wall, from , again, floor to ceiling of notions and trims ! This was a JAW DROP moment – I REALLY had to TRY HARD to contain my excitement hahaha…


These Cool Jeweled buttons caught my eye, as well as all the different shaped and textured Button Range they had. Totally COOL ! Struck a lot of creative notes in my mind !


I spend a good twenty minutes just admiring the notions wall – Couldn’t believe it !

I then continued down that wall and found some right coloured leathers, Sheepskin and all different kinds of leather. They had all colours of the rainbow of course ! Why not – I love using leather in my designs.


Tucked away towards the front of the leathers were some isles of what I think was more furnishing fabrics. But I found two fabrics that I really Loved ! In fact, I loved them so much I took sample cuttings of them for my next new collection. Something about the grid fabric that drew me two it – not sure, maybe it was its design or the fact that it was structured yet moulded beautiful in my hand when I was trying to pleat and scrunch it into a design.


The other fabric screamed elegance and class to me – I love this bonded fabric.


Some new discoveries while at Mood Fabrics – while there were so many – there was actually a few that stood out.

I found this fabric below rather interesting. It was textured, knitted with a honeycomb style pattern, but also felt 3d like scuba or poly interlock kind of fabric. Definitely very cool !


I can’t wait to visit Mood Fabrics again – I really enjoyed my time there and I think it could get REALLY REALLY dangerous if I ever moved to LA or had non stop access to a fabric heaven like this. hahaha

I didn’t want to leave 😦 Even now thinking about it, I just want to stroll through the towering isles again.

So long – I’ll be there again soon.

If you’d like to Visit Mood Fabric While in LA, I’ve added their details below

645 S. La Brea Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036

They also have a New York Store

225 W 37th St 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10018

or you can check out their website

xxx Much Love,

Rhaya Ratavosi – – Ratavosi The Label

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