Behind the seams at Ratavosi | Intro

Hello and happy weekend to you all ! 


I say this with exhaustion and frustration as I sit here staring down at my very expensive double wash silk shreds. Why may you ask am I exhausted and frustrated ? 

It’s been an exhausting week at Ratavosi the Label, the memory of having a weekend is becoming a rather distant one. #workhardplayhard as they all say – I’m not here just to share with you all the fabulous highlights and end results of being in fashion but I also want to inform everyone about all the hard work that goes into working in fashion and working hard to achieve your goals and your dreams to the standard that you expect for yourself. Many people think that luck and dreams just get handed to everyone but nothing gets handed to you, you have to work hard to be where you are, and yes sometimes on the off chance where luck comes out to play marvellous things can happen and golden doors may open. But nothing happens without working hard. 

This is yet another journey of mine and I want to share the good and the bad moments with you all. “Behind The Seams at Ratavosi” will be the weekly post series of my LA fashion design Warz journey. Welcome to the first post !

Now back to my exhaustion and frustration-

I work a full work week in the rag trade – imagine the hours and the stress from my work to my commute to work. It can become rather repetitive and exhausting especially when you have to get home after a long hard day , freshen up that face and that mind and start working on your label into the wee hours of the night. 

Today, I was so excited that I was going to come close to finishing up the cutting of patterns for one of my garments. The fabric  that I was using for this garment was such a cunning, slippery little bugger that it became very time consuming to ensure the warp/weft threads were all straight and parallel. That wasn’t my problem though. I had about half a metre of silk left , and one more piece to cut. Because the width of the fabric was too small I had to cut them individually. I had given up on folding the fabric as it was getting too annoying to ensure both top and bottom layers were evenly layed. Some how – even though I was being super careful- I ended up cutting Not a pair but accidentally the same piece . 

So now I sit here staring at my double wash silk shreds … I had just one more piece to go until I could tick it off my list. Oh the frustrations of having to travel back out into the city for some silk ! 

Not too worry to though – I’ve moved on very quickly And numbed by frustration by playing with some lace and also with a stationery Shop from our local stationery store ! I invested in this very big a3 planner. I got a little carried away to be honest but atleat it will help me keep on track incase any more unpredictable mistakes happen ! 

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