First post for 2016 | 

First post for 2016 ! Wow what a big 2015 I had. If you have been following my journey for the past few years, you’ll know I had a very intense and rewarding journey in 2015. 

I know it has taken me awhile to post for 2016, but here is a little something to get us started. 

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When I design, a unique kind of creativity is unleashed. I experiment with specific materials and the challenging amalgamation of them all in one garment. I like to achieve the look, with all the textures – lace, sheers, soft leathers, lacing, lustrous silks and lace appliqués. To isolate each fabric used, you see pure, raw beauty, it is when you combine them all together in a design and expect high fashion finishes on everything, that becomes the real challenge ! I push the production boundaries with a positive attitude and I never give up on my original design without viewing my options. After this long, stressful yet exhilarating and rewarding process your audience are finally presented with the complete piece. What was once an idea in your head, a few sketches here and there, is now standing before you and everyone… What does it come down to now ? Reactions. A few days ago whilst patternmaking, I realise I thrive on people’s reactions towards my designs. I like how intrigued they are with all the intricate and unexpected detail when they really look at the garment in depth. I love this ! It’s the very essence of my work and at the end of the day, this is what it comes Down to. Their reactions allow me to explore more, because I want to do more with what I have. Ratavosi the label may still be at what looks like a little further than just the beginning, but it’s in design hibernation mode. I am hoping to brew another unique and breathtaking batch of creative here ! xxxx Rhy #thelifeofrhy #australianmade #highfashion #australianfashionlabels #ratavosithelabel

 💃🏻 @candyie_can 

 📸 Ildiko Takata photography 

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